City Night Line


new exteriorphoto:Daniel Elkan The City Night Line

People are often surprised to hear that you can reach Austrian ski resorts conveniently from the UK.  But travelling overnight on the City Night Line, you can wake up in the Tirol and ski that same  the  morning.

The CNL isn't a special ski train – there are business people and other travellers too. It used to have a restaurant carriage but this year it won't do. We’ve asked CNL to bring back the restaurant carriage – it was great. This season an onboard shop will sell only snacks and drinks onboard, so have dinner at Paris Est station before you board.


couchettesphoto:Daniel Dlkan Fluffy pillows in the couchettes

The six-berth and four-berth couchettes all have freshly laundered pillows, sheets and blankets - Couchettes are usually mixed but you can request a single-sex one if you prefer.

The toilet facilities, located at the end of each carriage, are well maintained.

Luggage is stored under the beds, and on racks at the head and foot end of the compartment. In a six berth couchette this can mean that if everyone has lots of luggage you have to be a bit more creative with how you arrange it, but it will fit. Skis and snowboards fit well underneath the lower beds.

The door can be locked from the inside and the main light can be switched off and reading lights turned on. In the morning the couchette berths convert to seats.


compartmentsphoto:Daniel Elkan A more luxurious compartment, with ensuite shower and toilet

The two-person sleeper compartments have a luxurious feel, with a private toilet and shower, with neatly folded towels provided.

Travelling this way is definitely styling it, but obviously you pay more for the privilege.

Upright seat places

upright seat placesphoto:Daniel Elkan Don't sit up all night - literally!

The 'sitzplatz' (also called 'day couch' by City Night Line - something clearly got lost in translation) is a sit-up place in a six-person compartment.

This is the cheapest option, but unless you are a champion at sleeping sitting upright or enjoy feeling sleepy on the slopes, avoid at all costs!