All you need to know about ski holidays by train



introduction photo:Daniel Elkan introduction

InterCity trains serve destinations in Switzerland and Austria.  They don’t have reserved seating, so you can choose where you sit when you get on board.

They are very pleasant trains and have on-board bistro restaurants and cafe-bars (see below).

On-board restaurant

on-board restaurant photo:Daniel Elkan on-board restaurant

Every InterCity train has a restaurant or bistro (restaurant with a smaller menu).

Both are a delight, with freshly prepared meals and good array of options. It's not pricey and you don't need to make a reservation.

The carriages are clearly marked, but you can ask one of the platform staff where to stand on the platform so that you can get on next to the restaurant.

View restaurant menu (PDF)

On-board cafe bar

on-board cafe bar photo:Daniel Elkan on-board cafe bar

As well as having a full-scale restaurant on board, InterCity trains also have cafe-bars too, with table seating. It's all a very relaxed affair.