Less hassle

Sun, 25/09/2011 - 21:06 -- admin

Travel by train is easy and stress-free. You'll find none of the unpleasantness that passengers now take for granted at airports. Even the security staff smile!

Eurostar check-in is easy

Check-in time for your Eurostar departure is just 30 minutes - compared with 2 hours for most charter flights. Although we would not encourge you to be late, we have found that passengers arriving 20 or even 15 minutes before departure are able to board the train.

Clear Customs in the UK

Before boarding Eurostar, you will clear French Customs, so as soon as you board the train you can put away your passports and relax.

Changing trains is easy

Some trains travel direct to the Alps with no stops. Many require a change of stations in Paris, which is easily negotiated by Metro, on foot or by taxi. You can hop in a taxi outside the Gare du Nord, or pre-book a taxi to meet you on the platform.