All you need to know about ski holidays by train

No luggage charges

Sun, 25/09/2011 - 21:08 -- admin

On the train, there are no charges for carrying ski equipment, nor will you pay extra to sit together. While airlines make it ever more expensive for passengers to check luggage and reserve seats, these "extras" are all included on the train. There is no baggage weight limit, and plenty of room to store your bags.

No delays

On a train there is no need to check luggage. Your baggage travels with you throughout your journey, either on overload racks or in storage areas at the ends of each carriage. That means you can access your bags throughout the journey, and you don’t need to wait for them to be delivered to you on arrival.

Sit together

Some airlines no longer offer numbered seating. Either you can pay extra for “speedy boarding” or you can join the scrum to scramble on board and find somewhere suitable to sit. On the trains, couples, families and groups of friends can book seats together at no extra charge.


Most train stations have luggage trolleys. For some you may need a €1 coin, which is released when you return the trolley. Most stations have lifts or moving walkways, so you won't have to carry baggage up and down stairs.


You should clearly label each item of baggage with your first and last name. This is compulsory on Eurostar and many European trains.
Avoid airline charges

In September 2009, British Airways announced it would join the ranks of the “no frills” airlines by charging short-haul passengers £10 each way to reserve a seat. That’s £80 return for a family of four. Many airlines now levy a separate charge for every single item of checked baggage. For instance, if you fly with Ryanair and check one suitcase, a boot bag and a ski bag, each of you will pay a total of £95 return. On the train there is no such charge.