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Sainte Foy - transfer guide

Sainte Foy is a very short transfer by bus or taxi from the station of Bourg St Maurice - or your chalet may offer to pick you up

Taxi transfers: Bourg St Maurice - Sainte Foy

Taxi journey duration and prices
From Bourg St Maurice to Duration 1 pax 2-4 pax 5 pax 6 pax 7 pax
Sainte Foy 20 mins 50€ 55€ 60€ 65€ 70€


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If you are a small party and would like to share a taxi in order to save money and help the environment, then visit our new section: Shared-station-to-resort-transfers.

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C.A.T train-station transfers Book taxi transfer +44 203 529 6985


Taxi company Telephone Email address Website
All Mountain Taxis +33 6 71 14 10 78 Website
Arcs Taxis +33 6 62 45 06 88 Website
Aarthur Taxis +33 6 14 18 26 11 Website
Taxi L'Vie +33 6 47 47 18 86 Website
Jack Celair + 33 6 22 23 76 36 Website

Bus transfers: Bourg St Maurice - Sainte Foy

Bourg St Maurice station
Bourg St Maurice station

Buses depart from a bay right outside Bourg St Maurice station. You walk out of Bourg St Maurice station and the buses are right there.  Bourg St Maurice station has a big hall and waiting room, so you can wait in the warm.   The station has a shop which also sells hot drinks, and there are cafes and restaurants opposite and around the station - so plenty of places to wait, eat and drink if there is a gap between train and bus. 

You can buy bus tickets at a counter at the train station, but it is recommended to buy them in advance online at which shows timetable information too.

This season the bus company isn't publishing timetables English.  Crazy, but true.
View PDF of the 2019-20 Bourg St Maurice - Sainte Foy bus timetable in French
Phone Altibus +33 4 79 68 32 96
Email Alitibus
One-way fare Adults 13.50€; youth (U26) 10.50€
Return fare Adults 23€; youth (U26) 20.50€
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Is there a bus to serve your train? Here's our analysis

Bourg St Maurice station
Bourg St Maurice station

This season we researched the connections between the arrival and departure times of popular trains to Bourg St Maurice and whether, for each of these trains, there was a convenient bus connection - or even any bus possible at all.  The results surprised us, in terms of how badly co-ordinated the buses are with the arrial of trains.  In many cases there is not convenient bus connection, so the only option is a taxi transfer.

Outbound to Sainte Foy (Saturday arrival)
Train to Bourg St Maurice Train arrives Next bus departs Bus arrives resort
overnight Eurostar Ski Train 06:17 07:15 07:45
07:18 TGV from Lille 13:24 15:45 16:15
08:45 TGV from Paris 13:54 15:45 16:15
12:45 TGV from Paris 17:48 no bus er...nope
daytime Eurostar Ski Train 19:03 no bus er...nope


Return from Sainte Foy (Saturday departure)
Train from Bourg St Maurice Bus departs resort Bus arrives train station Train departs
09:17 TGV to Paris 08:00 09:00 09:17
daytime Eurostar Ski Train 08:00 09:00*e 09:34
16:30 TGV to Paris 12:30 13:30 16:30
overnight Eurostar Ski Train 16:30*f 17:15 22:15

*e: given that the Eurostar Ski Train officially requires at least 60 minutes check in time at Bourg, then on paper this is cutting it fine. In practice, it might be fine, but it's a bit of a risk.
f* this is the last bus from Sainte Foy ski resort to Bourg St Maurice.

As a result of the lack of co-ordination between the buses and the trains, we are trying to help skiers to share taxis - see section below.

Like to share a taxi?

If you would like to share a taxi, we are pioneering a transfer matching service, to put singles, couples and small groups of skiers who are travelling to the same destination on the same train on the same date, in touch with each other. 

So if you would like to share a taxi in order to save money and help the environment, go to Shared-station-to-resort-transfers.

Bourg St Maurice station information & restaurants

Restaurants at St Maurice station
Restaurants at Bourg St Maurice

Bourg St Maurice station has a waiting room, ticket hall where you can buy tickets for buses if you haven't pre-booked.

There's a small shop (open from about 6am) that sells newspapers, magazines and croissants and sandwiches.

The bus station is located right outside the railway station, as is the taxi rank. So you can wait for your transfer bus in the station waiting room or ticket hall.

Just a few metres from the station there are plenty of restaurants, so if you want to have breakfast, lunch or dinner before catching your train then you have lots of decent options.