Ski resorts by train

Why go by train?

  • Do you want to spend hours queueing in airports and waiting for the transfer bus? Thought not. Compare the journey times door-to-door and you’ll find a daytime train can be almost as quick as flying. The difference is, it's far more relaxing, comfortable and fun.
  • Train carriages are spacious, with ever changing scenery. Watch the flat terrain of Kent and Northern France whiz past, giving way to lakes and mountains. You can enjoy lunch in Paris on the way, and some trains have restaurant cars with affordable freshly-prepared meals.
  • By travelling overnight and sleeping in a couchette or a two-bed compartment, you’ll reach your resort in the morning for the first of two extra days skiing. Leave your bags at your hotel or chalet, get changed and you're ready to ski.

  • Children love train journeys. Toddlers have space to stretch their legs, while older children will amuse themselves for hours, reading, watching DVDs or playing games. Under-4s travel free on all trains, and under-11s get generous discounts.
  • Check-in time for Eurostar is just 30 minutes. Some trains to the Alps are direct with no stops. Many require a change in Paris, easily negotiated by Metro, on foot or by taxi. You can even pre-book a taxi to meet you on the platform at Gare du Nord.
  • Many airlines charge extra for checked bags - and additional fees to carry skis and snowboards. Some also charge extra to book seats together. On the train there are no such fees, and there is plenty of room to store your bags.
  • Sustainable green ski resorts
    Travelling by train instead of flying or driving makes a big difference - reducing by 70-90% the amount of pollution and carbon emissions caused by your ski holiday.