Ski resorts by train

"The sleeper train is not exactly the Orient Express but a nice little adventure"

"After a few years of our little group flying to the Alps every season we started looking to try something a little different. With none of us being great airport lovers - and after visiting the Snowcarbon website - we decided to try travelling by train.

With Daniel's help we booked the Eurostar, connecting transfers, sleeper trains and our catered chalet (with the excellent Fish n Pips!).



"We left London early evening, had dinner in Paris, slept our way through the night to the alps and woke Saturday morning for breakfast in Meribel. The sleeper train is not exactly the orient express but a nice little adventure all the same. By 9am we were making our first chairlift assent, rather happy with ourselves that if we’d flown we'd now most probably be standing in a queue in Gatwick.


"Travelling overnight meant we could ski all Saturday on the first day and all Saturday on the last, giving us two full extra days skiing. 8 days skiing for pretty much the same price as 6! We're already talking about next season we’ll certainly be looking at train travel again, and we’ll certainly be talking to Daniel and Fish n Pips again."