Intercités de nuit

Intercites de Nuit are certainly not the Orient Express, but you can still get a decent night's sleep on the way to the slopes

Intercités de nuit couchette


If you haven't travelled on an ICE train before, you will probably be very pleasantly surprised.  Step on board and you wonder why more high-speed trains aren't built this way.

Now you are speeding through the countryside between Brussels and Cologne. Despite their speed, these trains are beautifully quiet inside. A temple of train travel.

They are also very spacious. There are loads of tables, big glass windows, just loads of space.  So you think: 'Well, First Class is very nice, but what about 'Standard Class?'

And then you realise that you are in Standard Class. That's how good these trains are.

On-board dining

ICE restaurant carriage

The on-board restaurants on ICE trains are great, with freshly prepared hot and cold food and drinks, including wine and beers.

In the photo is a spagetti bolognaise, which was excellent. Served, as you can see, on real plates with steel cutlerly.

The prices are reasonable, comfortable seating, unhurried atmosphere and the views out the window as as you eat this a real pleasure.

The excellent Seat61 website has a photo of the ICE Bistro menu.